Eko Atlantic’s A & A Tower is a Luxury Residential Development developed Arkland Properties Limited. It is situated in the Ocean Front District of the Eko Atlantic which is also at the center of the city, with easy accessibility to various parts of Eko Atlantic. It also offers modern, airy homes with cafés, restaurants, and leisure facilities. A & A Tower designed by the renowned Turkish architect Sensei; is an exciting development by Arkland Properties & Investment Co. Ltd and It consists of two and three-bedroom homes, as well as shops and offices, constructed to the highest specifications. A location like no other with a magnificent view, stunning architecture, and an attractively landscaped promenade directly adjacent to the ocean, this is a truly special place to call home.




































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Because of our years of experience, which is over a decade. With Eko Atlantic’s A & A Tower is a Luxury Residential Development we delivered high-end photorealistic 3D renders, illustrations, animations, and interactive solutions at competitive prices. Our personal dedication and commitment to the project are some of the reasons why the project is a success. People who understand the benefits of 3d visualization often don’t renovate their house until they have seen how the different design features all come together through the creation of a photorealistic rendered image. We also offer to build/construct what we design at a discounted cost.


  1. You send all the information regarding the specific design, like the finishes, furniture, appliances, etc. You can also send images of similar houses/ rooms which you like and matches the design.
  2. 50% upfront payment to confirm the project.
  3. We begin creating the images in our 3D software (typically takes 4-9 days).
  4. We send a first draft showing camera angles and give you a general sense of the images.
  5. You provide your first revision, this when you make changes to things like the camera angles and major design/ style issues (revision 1).
  6. We provide you with a more refined image.
  7. Client Feedback (revision 2).
  8. Further Refined Image.
  9. Client Feedback (revision 3).
  10. Final Image or if there are still changes we will work with you to make it right (additional changes may have extra fees associated with it, this is uncommon, however).
  11. Final Payment – Removal of any watermarks.



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